Me, Asriyah and Ellen were talking about how to get more ppl to visit this wiki. So yes, we came up with an advertisment on the Peddie Society on the HoA wiki ut that didn't help much. So if you have any ideas, coment below. Also if you know ppl that ship Peddie, ask them to join too!! Please and Thank you! You guys are the Best ;)


Here are some ideas we have SO far:

A twitter account Check

An Email account Check

Make an advertisment(s) on a fanfiction Check

Instragram. Check

Tumblr Check

Write to dedicated Peddie shippers to tell them about this wiki (This doesn't need to have a tick as it is ongoing)

Advertise on tumblr (user's tumblr's) (This doesn't need to have a tick since you can keep posting about it.)

Keep the ideas going!!

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