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    Peddie status

    August 8, 2013 by ILUVWHATILOVE

    Peddie has been together 4ever. Season 1:??? ???% Eddie wasn't even there in the second season o.o

    Season 2: LOVE IS IN THE AIR! 100% It's so cute how they throw insults at each other o and so much kisses o3o

    Season 3: WHO WILL TRY KILLING KT? 50% I hate KT so much ruining Peddie :( what a bother she should back off and we need another main cast character.

    So basically through seasons Peddie rocked at season 2. Didn't work out in season 3 because of KT. Season 1 who knows Eddie didnt show up yet. But if he did what would've happened? Comments plz

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