Recently, I have noticed pages copied from another wiki.  This is sad.. because the wiki could get reported. 

Copying from another wiki and pasting onto our pages, is now strictly forbidden.

This is a serious matter. NOT a joke.  I'm serious. I didn't list all the pages, I only listed some at the top of my mind. There's much more pages. 

If you are seen copying, you will get a warning. Immediately. 

Pages copied: 

This one hurts me the most: Peddie

Peddie, I'd never notice at first, but I started to read the page on another wiki at the same time as that one... and they are... the same. URGENT RE-WORDING.

Burkely Duffield

Ha ha.. this one makes me laugh...I clicked on a link, i thought it take me to a page on our wiki... it took me to a page on a different wiki. I'm serious. I'm not laughing anymore. 

Jade Ramsey



Jadekely Just a bit..


I'll tell you that for a fact. Most of them.

So just, I beg you, go through all the pages, check that they're not copied, if they are tell me or re-word it. 

Thank you. 


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