Hey everyone, I am Corrin, you probably know me since you guys are House of Anubis fans. Anyways, I am back!!

Why Did I Leave?

During 2012, and during January the wiki had very few users, and not many views. So, during January I was just kind of checking the edits and stuff, but not editing. Then in February my uncle died, and I got into a lot of fights. There was just so much drama in my life that was more important than wikis. I hnestly couldn't be on. Sorry I was off.

What I Used to Do?

When I was frequently on the wiki, I was an admin, beaurcrat, and chat moderator (I am still a beaurcrat and chat moderator). I used to do a lot of the templates and stuff like that. Anyways, now that I am back, I am going to help however I can.

So basically guys, I am just gonna keep doing what I used to do, plus more. So be ready to see a lot more of me around here. I will try to be on DAILY, but occasionally I may have a very busy day.

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