• Eddie
    237px-Peddie . Gif

    Kiss number 2!

    seemed upset because Patricia was trying to make him leave.
  • Amber told Patricia that she was being more mean to Eddie now that they're dating and Patricia started to feel guilty.
  • Patricia told Eddie they were going on a date after school.
  • Eddie smiled after Patricia left.
  • Patricia told Eddie it was a blind date and put a scarf around his eyes.
  • Patricia led Eddie into the tunnels so he can help to complete the task without him knowing it.
  • Eddie, thinking the two were alone, tried to kiss Patricia.
  • Patricia moved back because the rest of the Sibuna's were there.
  • Eddie told Patricia that he was falling for her and that he loved her British accent.
  • Patricia smiled and seemed happy about Eddie saying that.
  • Patricia save Eddie's life but unfortunetly he was not aware of that.
  • Patricia held Eddie's hand and lead him out of the tunnels.
  • When they were out of the tunnels, Patricia told Eddie that he passed her trust test.
  • Eddie asked Patricia what his reward was.
  • Patricia replied "this" and pointed to a picnic.
  • Patricia kissed Eddie, as another part of the reward.
  • Patricia and Eddie started eating their picnic.
    Kiss Number 2

    Kiss number 2!

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