• Eddie apologized to Patricia by making the heavy metal band play classical music.
  • Patricia showed many hints that she might be crushing on Eddie - vice versa.
    Screen shot 2013-03-24 at 1.44.21AM
  • Eddie came up to Patricia and asked her why she wasn't dancing.
  • When she asked him if he was waiting for the right girl to ask to dance, she looked disappointed.
  • After she told him that she will never dance, he hinted that he would dance with her, then walked away smiling.
  • After him leaving, she had a look that was between hopeful and happy.
  • Jerome and Alfie both saw Eddie and Patricia smiling at each other from a distance.
  • Both Alfie and Jerome asked Eddie if he had a crush on Patricia because he had been spending a lot of time with her.
  • When they ask Eddie, he started stuttering, and then told them that she was the one spending a lot of time with him.
  • Alfie and Jerome made a bet with Eddie that he couldn't get Patricia to dance with him.
  • At first Eddie seemed nervous at the idea.
  • When Eddie accepted the bet, he danced his way over to Patricia ending with her looking at him saying, "No..."
  • Eddie seems confident that he can get Patricia to dance.
  • He told her that he was "just a tin can standing in front of a tank asking her to dance." (Reusing her words for earlier.)
  • Peddie-Slow-Dance
    Before they started dancing, she told him that it still didn't making them friends with a face that showed worry.
  • When they started dancing, both of them were smiling the whole time.
  • After their dance, she told him that sometimes he could be a good guy.
  • When they were talking after their dance, they were both smiling, but when Alfie mouthed "Yes!" to Eddie from a distance, Eddie suddenly remembered that the dance was just a bet.
  • After Eddie saw Alfie, he became uncomfortable and seemed to be feeling guilty, but still tried to stay smiling when he was talking to Patricia.
  • Eddie told her that he had to go before he did something like "writing her a poem".
  • When he told her he had to go, Patricia seemed disappointed, but when he left, she was seen smiling at him as he left.
  • When Eddie and Patricia were dancing, Eddie winked at Patricia.
  • After Eddie and Patricia had stopped dancing, they were still seen holding hands.
  • Eddie was blushing nervously which is why Patricia said "Better leave before you turn into a pumpkin."
  • Eddie said "Night, Yacker." and was blushing, while Patricia was smiling.
  • Eddie looked like he was spacing out or thinking about something after Victor told him, 'If the ball was not to his liking, go to bed.'

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