• Mara found Patricia in the bathroom and Patricia ran straight to Eddie.
  • Patricia tried to explain that she was really locked in the bathroom and that she was sorry.
  • Eddie didn't accept the apology and said that they are over.
  • The following day, Patricia went to Eddie's room with her laptop and told him that she was REALLY telling the truth and she wanted to go on the date with him.
  • Eddie typed on Patricia's laptop that he will go on a date with her.
  • Eddie called Patricia "Baby"
  • Eddie told her that it was her last chance.
  • He called Patricia "Yacker"
  • On the date, Patricia makes them both dinner just like she said she would.
  • Eddie asked Patricia was her kiss with him the best kiss she ever had.
  • Patricia accidently typed in "worst" and Eddie got angry and a bit annoyed.
  • Patricia corrected herself, saying it was the "first".
  • Eddie looked shocked and asked why she never kissed a boy before.
  • Patricia relpied that boys were scared of her.
  • Eddie went to sit very close to Patricia and said he must be "fearless"
  • Eddie asked Patricia is she planning her second kiss.
  • They were about to kiss but Victor interupted them.
  • They were both really annoyed because they really wanted to kiss.
  • Eddie tells Patricia goodnight,.
  • Patricia was dissapointed because they didn't kiss.

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