• They sit next to each other in class, and sneak glances at each others and their papers
  • Patricia is visibly annoyed when Miss Denby warns her about Eddie's wondering eye.
  • She becomes jealous when he's staring at the lawyer, and she hits him.
  • His arm is around her at breakfast.
  • She gets jealous when he gets a love letter.
  • Patricia is hurt when he calls her a friend.
  • They apologize to each other for being jealous and he apologizes for staring at the lawyer.
  • He says to her that she's his girlfriend, not friend.
  • She kisses him!
  • When Patricia finds the love letter in his locker, she becomes jealous and leaves.
  • He says he doesn't know how the letter got there, and she forgives him.
  • Eddie gets very jealous when Ben picks up Patricia's books for her.
  • KT assures Eddie that Patricia only has eyes for him.
  • Patricia becomes jealous when seeing KT link arms with Eddie.
  • Eddie keeps getting upset about Ben and Patricia during the partner project for class.
  • Eddie is angry when Ben and Patricia are doing trust falls.
  • When Patricia is cutting oranges for ben, Eddie gets jealous and upset at her.
  • When Miss Denby mentions partners he turns to Patricia and smiles at her.
  • He makes a private picnic for her in the Drama studio.
  • He calls her yacker and puts his hands on her shoulders.
  • Patricia gets mad when during their picnic Eddie takes a call from his mother and he won't allow his mother to talk to Patricia.
  • His mother says she is happy they got back together.
  • In the cellar, Alfie asks Eddie whats wrong with Patricia and Eddie says, its Ben and he hates "that guy".
  • Eddie says that Ben was standing too close to Patricia.

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