• Patricia was annoyed when Alfie was making fun of Eddie.                                            

    Patricia jealous!!

  • When Mara and Eddie went on a ghost hunt, Patricia was very jealous.
  • Patricia tried telling Eddie it wasn' her fault the whole school found out Eddie's secret.
  • She is upset when Eddie is still mad at her.
  • Patricia tries spying on Mara and Eddie while on the ghost hunt.
  • Patricia get really mad because she thinks Mara is flirting with Eddie.
  • When Eddie says he is gonna turn off the lights for the ghost hunt, Mara says she is afraid of the dark and he should sit closer to her. Patricia hears this from the tunnels and gets very jealous, so she yells "TURN THE LIGHT BACK ON!"
    House of Duplicy, House of Haunting 14
  • Mara and Eddie think that this was the ghost, when it was actually Patricia.

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